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Public Notice

On August 25, 2010, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) approved the Environmental Assessment for the replacement of the Anna Maria Island Bridge. The project limits include SR 64 from west of SR 789 (East Bay Drive) to east of Perico Bay Boulevard, a distance of about 2 miles.

The approved alternative is the high-level fixed bridge with a 65-foot vertical clearance to be built south of the existing bridge. The horizontal clearance will be 100 feet perpendicular between fenders. The replacement bridge will include two 12-foot lanes and two 10-foot shoulders. Ten-foot sidewalks will be included on both sides of the bridge, separated from the shoulders by concrete barrier walls. Four and one-half foot high railings will be provided on the outside of the sidewalks.

The approved alternative is the result of an extensive study process that included engineering analysis, environmental studies, interagency coordination and a public involvement program. You can view the final reports in PDF format by clicking on the links below. Over the course of the Project Development and Environment Study from January 2008 through April 2009, several different alternatives were evaluated. The approved alternative was selected because it will allow over 99 percent of vessels that currently use the channel to pass under the bridge; the south alignment will avoid impacting the navigation channel and the Kingfish Boat Ramp and will minimize the need for additional right-of-way acquisition.

The project is eligible to proceed to the next phase of development, the preparation of construction plans. However, the design, right-of-way acquisition and construction phases of the project are not funded in the current FDOT Five Year Work Program for fiscal years 2013-2017. For more information please contact Marlon Bizerra, P.E. at 863-519-2250 or by e-mail at

Final Reports

Final Contamination Screening Evaluation Report January 2009
Final Cultural Resource Assessment December 2008
Final Endangered Species Biological Assessment February 2009
Final Environmental Assessment August 2010
Final Location Hydraulic Report June 2009
Final Noise Study Report June 2009
Final Pond Siting Report June 2009
Final Project Development Summary Report June 2010
Final Traffic Report May 2009
Final Tunnel Alternative Technical Memorandum January 2009
Final Wetland Evaluation Report February 2009
Final Wind Effect Study December 2008

Project Location map

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