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Anna Maria Island Bridge PD&E Study

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About the Study

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The Florida Department of Transportation is completing a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study to determine the future of Anna Maria Island bridge. The bridge was built in 1957 and has concrete beam fixed spans and a moveable span at the main channel with a minimum vertical clearance of 17.5 feet above mean high water. Bridges built in the late 1950's were designed to have a useful service life averaging about 50 years. The Anna Maria Island Bridge has passed that milestone.

Through the years, three significant repair projects have been completed on the bridge. In 1978, jackets were installed to reinforce 67 deteriorating bridge piles. Also, a new fender system was installed, and the drawbridge and fixed spans were painted. In 1984, an additional 23 pile jackets were installed and the moveable and fixed spans were painted. In 1999, a project involved repairs to the concrete handrails and piers, painting of the bridge, and the replacement of the submarine cable.

FDOT concluded a comprehensive study in 2002 of the structural, mechanical and electrical components of the moveable bridge, and the structural components of the fixed portion of the bridge. The results of the study led to a $9 million rehabilitation of the bridge, completed in November 2008. The project extends the bridge's service life from 10 to 15 years. The rehabilitation project repaired the concrete pilings, resurfaced the concrete roadway, repaired, cleaned and painted steel, and replaced or repaired the electrical and mechanical systems.